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What is the best free online antivirus scan?

Each and every one of us who has a computer at home has been a victim of virus or malware infestation of our computers. Normally, computer users have installed programs that are able to defend the integrity of the computer software, however, sometimes this is not the reality and we must make use of some antivirus that are found for free online. 

Before giving you the name and specifications of the best online antivirus, it is important for you to know that online antivirus are not designed to replace installed antivirus programs. The free antivirus that we can get online is only to get us out of some trouble such as detection and removal of files infected with a virus.

What is an online antivirus?

This type of antivirus is an application or program that can be run directly from your browser of choice to check certain files to see if there is any risk that could be a threat to your computer.  As well as a normal antivirus, online antivirus can present a whole range of advantages that we must take into account.

Why do I need a virus scanner?

Nowadays, any computer, phone or tablet that has an internet connection is vulnerable to getting a virus. It is so easy for any of your electronic equipment to acquire a virus, either through downloads or visits to unreliable websites. So, having a security tool such as an antivirus is ideal.

As software and electronic equipment evolve, criminals in the cyber world develop even more resistant viruses that can damage files, devices and steal user data to carry out scams and bribes. There are plenty of reasons to have a virus scanner in the virtual world.

What are the risks of contracting a virus?

In the virtual world, viruses have been developed to perform many actions that put at risk the user’s personal information, the integrity of files and, in extreme cases, paralyze or damage computers. Among the risks of contracting a virus we can find the following:

  • Deletion of files
  • Irreparable damage to files
  • Theft of information
  • Spying on personal data
  • Sending of spam
  • Infection of as many devices as possible

Types of viruses

It is of utmost importance to note that there are different viruses that can compromise the security of your electronic devices and all the files they contain. Each different virus has a different way of operating.

  • Trojans: This virus was specifically designed to spy on users. It is usually found in attachments, programs or applications and is virtually undetectable to the naked eye. Very difficult to remove without a specific program to do so.
  • Scripting virus: Generally speaking, this type of virus is a script embedded in websites. Because it is written in a basic programming language, browsers do not consider them as viruses. The consequences of having this virus are spamming and file deletion.
  • Program viruses: these are very dangerous viruses that are attached to infested files or executable files, then, when these files are opened or programs are executed, they are activated.
  • Macro viruses: these are usually found in emails or downloaded files and are seen as macros in Word or Excel files.
  • Worms: the main characteristic of these viruses is their rapid propagation through emails, they damage files as they pass through and can infest many devices at once.

Advantages of online antivirus

Just like traditional antivirus, online antivirus has certain advantages. Below is a list of the advantages so that you can make a better decision when looking for an antivirus for your computer:


It is important to bear in mind that the versions found on the antivirus web portals are the most updated, that is, they are the latest versions offered by their creators. The advantage of this is that you do not need to constantly download updates to your devices since they are always available.


Because these antiviruses do not require tedious installations, compatibility with your computer is eliminated. This means that regardless of the computer you have, you can make use of the antivirus you choose online. In addition to this, because nothing needs to be downloaded, you can scan any computer you wish.


Different antivirus programs use different tools for file analysis. Thanks to the fact that it is not necessary to download them to the computer, you can use different online antivirus as you want, to compare the results of the analysis and thus, to have a more accurate judgment at the time of trusting only one result.


The main feature and advantage of this type of antivirus is that they are free. It is not necessary to pay for a subscription in order to use them. Another advantage of this feature is that we can use as many online antiviruses as we want to thoroughly scan our files.

Disadvantages of online antivirus

We have already seen all the advantages of using this type of application to scan and clean the files on our computers. However, not everything is good, here are a couple of disadvantages of this type of antivirus:


Obviously, being a fast alternative that is available online, this type of antivirus sacrifices a bit of efficiency in favor of availability. Also, they are not as complete as the downloadable versions and only work to scan specific files, therefore, not all the files on your computer will be scanned for viruses. On the other hand, they do not protect sensitive areas of computers nor do they have advanced functions to do a thorough job.

Short duration of protection

 The scanning and protection provided by this type of antivirus depend solely and exclusively on the time the Internet browser is running. This means that when the browser is closed, the computer is vulnerable to any malware or virus attack.


Because they are not as complete as the downloadable antivirus, they tend not to eliminate all types of viruses found. On the other hand, sometimes these antivirus can point out that some files are infected when they are not.

What is the best free virus scanner on the Internet?

This position is disputed by many antiviruses that are found on the network and it is risky to say which is the best of them since they all use different scanning tools and can help us at different levels. However, many experts point out that one of the best free antivirus that we can get online is:

Panda Cloud cleaner

That’s right, this online antivirus presents many features that can be beneficial for your device. It is important to note that although it is an online antivirus, you must download a scan tool to have access to more security features.

This antivirus was developed more than 10 years ago and is here to stay. Over time Panda Cloud Cleaner has been one of the most effective tools among the virus scanners that you can find on the Internet for free. From its web portal you can find several options where the main step is to download an application directly to your device or USB disk.

How does Panda Cloud Cleaner work?

When you download the application, a wizard will guide you through the installation and execution of the application. Once the application is correctly installed, on the main screen you will be able to click on “Accept and analyze”. At the end of the scanning process, the application will show you all the results of the scan and all the malware found on your computer. 

Then, it will show you the actions to execute and you will have to indicate which files you want to delete. Using this application is extremely simple and keeps your computers safe and virus-free.